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Bob BradleyMarch 21, 2018

I want to say good day.  I hope you are having a wonderful day today.  Today’s date is March 21, 2018.  I just wanted to give you a quick update here on what is going on at Campbell Chapel.  We have been having a wonderful time here so far this year.  God is doing some amazing things and I want to thank Him so much for that.

We are seeing a lot of new people come.  Some people are being saved, born into the family of God.  We thank the Lord for that.  Others that God is changing their lives.  Some are moving up spiritually.  As one of our brothers said the other night, “…just clearing some of the garbage out of his life.”  I think that is a good thing for all of us to be doing in the day and time we are living in.  I appreciate people that wants to clean up so that we can move up in our relationship with God. 

It is a great time.  It is a great time to be alive.  It is a great time to be saved and on our way to heaven. I hope you are today.  I hope you are a Christian.  I hope you have been born again.  If you have not been, it is my prayer, not only mine, but folks here at Campbell Chapel, and God’s people everywhere that you make things right with Him and get ready to go to heaven with us because we are going to leave soon.  I don’t know when we are leaving but I believe with all our heart that Jesus Christ is coming very soon to take us home to be with Him.  I thank Him for that hope we have in Him. 

Again, I appreciate you taking time out of your day to view our website and listen the sermons and the teachings.  We appreciate that so very much.  We appreciate hearing from you from time to time.  If we can be a spiritual help in any way, please let us know and we will be glad to help you any way we can.  The contact information is on the website, so you can contact in those ways. 

I do want you to continue to be praying for us.  We have a lot of activities going on in springtime.  I think today is the first day of spring, or maybe it was yesterday.  Anyway, it is springtime.  We have some flowers growing.  It is a very special time.  It is Easter season.  We are having our foot washing and communion service here on Good Friday.  Easter sunrise service on Sunday morning at 6:30 AM.  Our special service and things on Sunday at 10 AM.  It is just a good time to reflect and see all that God is doing and how great God is.  What He has done for us and how that we should appreciate that so very much.  If Jesus has not died, and if Jesus did not raise from the dead then according to what Paul told the Corinthian church and everything we do is in vain and is empty.  I’m so very glad to know that God is alive.  I’m so very glad to know that He dwells in the hearts and lives of His people that are faithful.  I want to praise Him for that today. 

It is my prayer that the Lord will continue to bless you and to help you.  Again, we will be praying for you.  Be praying for our Vacation Bible School, and Church Camp and our Backpack Program.  We are up to over 300 kids now, each weekend that we are feeding.  I would appreciate you praying for that.  Our shoebox ministry, continue to pray for that.  Sister Brenda works with that ministry and doing a great job there.  So, continue to pray for that and all the other things we have going on here.  I would appreciate you be praying for folks that they will continue…for the cause of Christ.

We love you guys.  We are praying for you. 

Hope you have a great day!


Bob Bradley, Pastor


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