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Bob BradleyJuly 2016

I want to say hello and hope everyone is having a great day today.

I wanted to thank you again for taking time out of your busy day and busy schedules.  I know life is hectic today.  …but taking time to view our webpage and website and the correspondence we get from different ones from different times; we really appreciate that. 

Things are going well here at Campbell Chapel.  We have had a great summer.  We have had a great Vacation Bible School.  Many of our children were saved and some adults rededicated their lives to the Lord.  We had a great church camp out to Greenbo Lake.  We had it out there.  It was just a wonderful summer.  We want to thank God for that and all that He is doing.  He is a great God.  I appreciate Him so much today. 

I do want to take just a moment today to encourage you to make sure you are ready to go to heaven.  I know in this world we live in today, so many want to think that because they belong to a certain demonization or they participated in a certain ritual that they are saved.  Listen.  The only way we are saved today is by receiving Jesus Christ as our Savior, asking Him to come into our lives and forgive us of our sin and to save us.  When we do that we know that He does that.  Then that makes us a candidate to go to heaven.  We want to make sure that you do that.  I want to be in heaven with you guys; whoever you are, wherever you are at, wherever you are listing to me to day I want to see you go to heaven when life comes to an end.  I pray that you will receive Jesus Christ today before it is everlasting too late. 

We do many folks here that are sick.  Many of our elders are struggling here at the church.  Please take be praying for them.  We have a little baby that was born recently, named Elijah; he is having some difficulties here.  I would appreciate you praying for Elijah and his mother tonight.  There are so many others that are struggling and battling with all kinds of different things. 

Again, we appreciate you.  We love you guys.  We hope and pray that you will continue the fight.  We are just about home.  Jesus Christ is coming very soon. It is my prayer that you will be ready to go with us. 

We love you guys.

Have a great day!  We’ll see you.  Bye!

Bob Bradley, Pastor


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