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Bob BradleyOctober 2015

Hello everyone.

Welcome to our Pastor’s page.  We want to thank you for taking time out of your day to view our pastor’s page.  We appreciate you so much.  we appreciate the responses we get from time to time from people that tells us we are a blessing to them and we are a help to them.  We want to praise the Lord for that opportunity.

It is has been a great time, it is a great time here at Campbell Chapel.  We have had a great summer.  We had a great church camp.  We had a wonderful Bible school and many other events that we had down through the summer months.  It has been a great time.  Fall has arrived.  We have got so many things going on and God is blessing us in a tremendous way. 

Of course, the kids are back to school.  It always gives us an opportunity to be able to help those that are in need for food over the weekends.  Currently, as I am speaking this day, we have about 265 kids that we provide food for each weekend.  God has blessed us in a tremendous way to be able to do that.  also, the last couple of days we have been blessed in a tremendous way about some folks that we have got a load, when I say a load, I mean a trailer load, an 8 ½ x 20 trailer load of brand new clothes that we are going to be able to bless some children here with for the winter months and Christmas and things like that.  We have been blessed with a bunch of toys that people has donated and that we have been able to acquire and get and so forth.  That is just a great time for what God is doing.

We are seeing some people saved.  It is just a heavenly place to be and I want to praise Him for that.  Deb and I are having the time of our life here at Campbell Chapel.  We have been here for about 16 years.  I have never felt any more blessed than I do today.  I have never felt any more excited than I do today about what God is doing and about what God is about to do here at Campbell Chapel.

We do want to say also, that we are very blessed with Herman and Brenda Salyers.  They are working with our shoe box ministry.  We are looking forward to some great things out of that.  They have worked hard all year to raise money and items to be able to put in our shoe boxes.  We are going to be packing those here in a few days.  You can check our website for the date on that we are going to be packing.  If you would like to come by and participate in that.  It is on a Saturday morning but I don’t have that date in front of me right now.  Please look on our website for the date.  They are doing a tremendous job.

Tammy and Larry Justice are doing a tremendous job with our youth.  All of our Sunday school teachers and teachers here on Wednesday night.  We are just so very blessed in what God is doing. 

I do pray that you will continue to pray for us here that we will continue to do God’s will and listen to His voice in spite of all the opposition, in spite of all the things that come that we will continue to be faithful in teaching and preaching the Word of God and being able to share our blessings with other people.  It is a tremendous time.  We do want you to be praying also.  We have many elderly folk that are sick today.  There are many that are struggling and battling different things.  I would appreciate you be praying for them. 

Again, it is great to be able to share what God is doing.  If you don’t have anywhere to go to church, if you don’t have a regular church you go to; we meet at 10:00 on Sunday morning, 6:00 on Sunday evening and 7:00 on Wednesday evening.  You are welcome to come to any of these services.  We have one thing in mind and that is worshiping the God of heaven.  If you want to promote yourself or something like that then Campbell Chapel probably won’t be the place for you.  We want to promote and praise the God of heaven and worship Him for all He is doing for us.

Again, thank you for listening and thank you for viewing our website today.  Continue to pray for us and we will pray for you guys. 

We love you all!

Bob Bradley, Pastor


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