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Bob BradleyFebruary 2016

Hope your day today is blessed.  I just wanted to update you on a few things that is going on here at Campbell Chapel.  We have had a wonderful winter.  Things have been going wonderful.  We have had great services.  Our building is full just about every service.  We thank God for that.  People are being saved and born again.  Lives are being changed.  People are being rededicated.  Again, we want to praise God for that.  He is doing some great, great things here and I want to praise Him for that.  I want to praise Him for His help and His leadership and guidance.  We have such a great God.  He is doing so many great things in the lives of His people that are faithful.  I want to praise Him for that today.  We are very blessed here at Campbell Chapel.  Things are going well.  We want to thank God for that. 

I do want you to be praying for many that we have that are sick.  We have many of our elderly folks that are struggling and battling and going through different issues and problems, especially one of our dear family, the Adams family this evening.  We want you to be praying for them.  They have had a battle with pneumonia and things like that for the last month or so with their daughter.  Now the husband and wife are sick with that.  We want you to be praying for them and so many others that we have.  Our seniors that we have that are facing some very serious and difficult times.  We want you to be praying for them. 

Also, be praying for all the ministries that we have here at Campbell Chapel.  Our shoe box ministry; God has blessed that in a tremendous way.  Our coordinators are Brenda Salyers and her husband, Herman.  They told me a few days ago that all of our boxes went to the Ukraine this year.  Again, that is a tremendous opportunity to be able to share the gospel of Jesus with a lost and dying world.  We want to thank Him for that.  Please continue to pray for that ministry. 

Our backpack buddy ministry, I want you to continue to pray for that.  We are up to about 280 children right now.  We have picked up another school here this past week which will add another 10, 12, or 15 to that.  Therefore, we are getting close to 300 children that we are feeding each weekend now.  That is just a tremendous blessing to be able to feed kids that are hungry.  Again, we want to praise God for what He is doing there.  There are so many miracles, and so many things that He has brought to pass in those areas that we could never imagine that could work out.  Opportunities and doors that He has opened for us to do some great things.  Again, I just want to praise Him for that. 

The field belongs to Him and we are just His servants.  I am so very glad to be a part of the great family and great program of Almighty God. 

Continue to pray for all the folks here at Campbell Chapel.  Pray for us as we go forward.  We are looking forward to a great time this year.  We are looking forward to some tremendous opportunities in some different areas to be able to share the gospel message of Jesus Christ with a lost and dying world. 

We do ask that you pray for us.  We will continue to pray for you all.

If we can help in any way, please contact us.  The information is on our website.

Thank you

We appreciate you.  We love you guys.

Have a great day.

Bob Bradley, Pastor


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